30 September


Post traumatic stress and our military

What has happened to our veterans and serving military is criminal. Rather than receiving real healing they are simply shuttled into case management with social workers and drug management with psychiatrists.

A key misunderstanding of PTSD among military personnel, present and past, is that the PTSD is related to combat events. While that is sometimes true, more often the combat event triggers a memory of an early childhood trauma. Until that early childhood trauma is resolved, the more recent combat event will continue to haunt them.

With Rapid Emotional Detox, no talking or drugs are required. Instead the Bilateral Stimulation goes to work instantly, freeing them from nightmares and flashbacks. Once the core issue is healed – and more often than not, that core issue is not combat-related – the person can integrate the more recent experience into his or her psyche much more easily.

Practitioners of Rapid Emotional Detox are thrilled to be able to achieve such lasting results in so little time. With a simple methodology, Rapid Emotional Detox puts true success in the hands of mental health professionals, without the risk of drug dependency.

Any mental health professional who is seriously concerned about the mental health status of our military and veterans should take the time to investigate Rapid Emotional Detox. You will find a simple, effective methodology that does not further traumatize patients.

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