14 October


The trauma of grief

We all know the presenting issue is rarely the core issue. Yet how do you get to a core issue that may have occurred long before conscious memory?

Research is finding that even babies “remember” traumatic events from infancy. While they may not be able to state what literally occurred, the trauma imprints itself on them and often wreaks havoc on their life and relationships. Then they come to talk therapy expecting relief, and often find little comfort.

Mental health professionals are also frustrated by their lack of ability to successfully treat deep-seated trauma and core issues. But now, with Rapid Emotional Detox, practitioners can use drugless, non-talking therapy. Using the methodology of Bilateral Stimulation, practitioners can effect real, permanent change in as little as three sessions.

Rapid Emotional Detox has been proven to successfully treat people who have experienced life-debilitating trauma. Freed from nightmares, flashbacks, and general demobilization, clients are able to move forward after experiencing immense relief from healing the core issue created by the trauma.

Relieving a client of just one core issue is such a relief the person often is then able to heal all the symptomatic behaviors associated with that core issue. Without the need of reliving and rehashing the original trauma, Rapid Emotional Detox Practitioners find they can create lasting change and quickly move their clients from traumatized to relieved in just a few sessions.

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