Certified Professional Training

Become a Practitioner of Rapid Emotional Detox

As a mental health caretaker, you may feel uncertain about the difference you make in your client’s lives. You may have felt disappointed in a certain treatment’s results, and wished you could do more.

Many mental health workers are taught to believe that talk therapy works. This is a deception. It does not work. At the end of the day, the more you talk about a problem, the brighter the picture of the problem becomes, and the less you have reduced the problem.

What if you could prepare your clients for therapy in a way that shortens talk therapy treatments, and in many cases eliminates them altogether?

As an intervention before counseling, Rapid Emotional Detox does exactly that. This foolproof methodology reveals the basis of the current emotional problem and dissolves emotional pain. In three weeks or less, the client becomes unstuck from what was disrupting their life. There is no other methodology that helps more patients faster and with permanent results. It is a legitimate, successful alternative to talk therapy.

When you become a practitioner of Rapid Emotional Detox, you will:

  • Finally see consistent, tangible evidence of success in your patients
  • Become completely confident in your ability to make a difference
  • Be able to fully guarantee your work
  • Improve your reputation for effectiveness
  • Receive more word-of-mouth referrals
  • Become known as a real mover and shaker in your health care community

But the change closest to your heart will probably be your new certainty that you can really do something to put an end to your clients’ pain and suffering.

To become a practitioner of Rapid Emotional Detox, join us for our next Certified Professional Training.

Our Next Certified Professional Training

Hands-on Training. This is a two-level course. You must be a licensed mental health caretaker or RN. Each course is six hours and six CEUs. The courses must be taken in order.

Level 1

August 21, 2015
El Paso, Texas
Holiday Inn Express

Level 2

August 22, 2015
El Paso, Texas
Holiday Inn Express

To join the course, request a consultation with Dr. Diane Bryan.