About Rapid Emotional Detox

Dr. Diane Bryan has created the only method to dissolve emotional pain and anxiety without the turmoil and stress of talk therapy…and uniquely she guarantees the results.

Her methodology, Rapid Emotional Detox, is based on her unique approach to bilateral stimulation. It quickly and permanently resolves issues from the past causing personal distress and anxiety, requiring as little as one session to end the suffering, and it does not require the patient to share any details in extended sessions of talk.

In the hands of Dr. Diane, a medically trained and licensed physician, or one of her licensed practitioners, Rapid Emotional Detox addresses both the left brain (seeking to rationalize the thought) and the right brain (holding on to the emotion and stress) simultaneously, resulting in a resolution of the issue at its core. The work can be done in person or on the phone. Unlike talk therapy, the patient does not need to share any details about the source of the stress or trauma. Many of the concerns regarding talk therapy are eliminated using Rapid Emotional Detox including the length of time required to resolve the issue, conflict within the family about sharing, or any personal embarrassment about the matter.

Rapid Emotional Detox has enabled hundreds of patients to find peace quickly and permanently. This method is so successful Dr. Diane guarantees the issue will be resolved—unheard of in any medical practice.

The personal peace and relief from the stress you’ve been seeking is now yours. Emotional pain dissolves quickly and permanently. You become “unstuck” from what has been disrupting your life. The pain melts away in as little as one session. Now you fully let it go to begin to lead a better, happier life.