To Anyone struggling with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

A Note from Dr. Bryan

Like grief and trauma, PTSD is ruthless and reckless with your life. Anyone can get it, regardless of your gender, age, or race. Although it might provide some temporary relief, medication cannot eliminate it.

PTSD is a diagnosis only a medical or mental health professional professional can make. You may have trauma without having PTSD.

Whether you have PTSD or trauma, you must be emotionally detoxed because your emotional response to the activating event is what’s causing your hurt and pain.

Don’t try to tough it out. It is too difficult and may be impossible to do on your own.

I can show you the fast, proven way to end the hurt and pain. I created the Rapid Emotional Detox technique as the solution for my own grief and trauma, and it has worked for my PTSD patients as well.

It works by stimulating both hemispheres of your brain. During this stimulation, your traumatic memory moves from a state of being irrationally stored to being rationally stored, which strips it of its negativity.

Your brain stores everything that has happened to you, so working with it directly can give you positive, excellent results.

In less than three weeks, heaviness dissolves and you are ready to participate in life again.

I guarantee this success because I have done it and have shown hundreds of others how to do it too. Request a consultation and get ready for better days.


“I am writing this testimony after one visit with Dr. Bryan. I am stunned that in 60 minutes she accomplished so much therapy. I came into her office in so much pain, and now it is gone. I am a victim of rape, strangulation and threats of being killed. I could not work, cook a meal, or get a good night’s sleep since the incident. Twenty-four hours later I have slept all night, I am baking cookies and plan to return to work next week. Amazing!

I have two more sessions with her and then I am sure I will be good to go. Rapid Emotional Detox is something so magical I can barely describe the process. I would recommend her to any one, for any reason. She is wonderful.”

– Cheryl Anne