To Anyone who has Suffered from Addiction

A Note from Dr. Bryan

Addiction is a term which is used as a catch all for an issue which manifests itself in endless ways. It can be a dependency on food, alcohol, drugs, shopping, sex, and a myriad of other things. The underlying issue is always the same. There is a root cause for all addictions, and when that is tapped into properly, the dependency dissipates.

Talk therapy most often does not work, making it impossible to get to the root cause of the addiction. My foolproof method, Rapid Emotional Detox, is a guaranteed treatment which dispels the ideas that addiction is disease-based, life long, and reoccurring. None of this has to be true. Rapid Emotional Detox case evidence refutes all former concepts. Addiction is curable, does not repeat itself when treated properly, and does not transfer to other addictions when one is fully treated.

The personal peace and relief from addiction you’ve been seeking is now yours. Emotional pain dissolves quickly and permanently. You become “unstuck” from the addiction that has been disrupting your life. The pain melts away in as little as one session. Now you fully let it go to begin leading a more fulfilling, happier life.

Often times a coexisting treatment is presented in the face of detoxing addiction. Many would call it spiritual counseling, others call it a “power greater than I,” and some refer to it as group counseling and leadership. The label is irrelevant is terms of its meaningful application. If the client desires that additional support, it can be offered along with Rapid Emotional Detox.

I guarantee this success. I guarantee it because I have seen great success with hundreds of my clients. Request a consultation and let me show you how to change harmful behaviors and start living a fulfilling life.


“I came to Dr. Bryan because I had been discovered! And I mean discovered in the not so good way. I was busted by my wife for flagrantly pursuing a relationship with a secretary who had worked for me a long time before the adultery. We met by chance, and it was very comfortable. I had known her well in days past. Everything went fast from that moment… soon we had weekly meetings, dinners, hotel rooms, and then social events. I got very careless and did not go too far to hide what I was doing. I felt invincible.

My wife read a text message that gave it all away. She was enraged, moved out and saw a lawyer all within 24 hours. She moved faster on me than my lover! I was absolutely devastated. I had never planned for this day. In truth I didn’t want this day to ever happen. My life was in pieces everywhere, as I was. After much scrambling to find a therapist who could work magic fast, I was directed to Dr. Bryan. It must be known that she is definitely a magic healer and works fast!!!

Her treatment was three sessions, for my wife and me separately and then one with us together. It was an amazing experience of resolve and growth. I discovered that I had increased my wine consumption to 2 bottles an evening by the time I saw Dr. Bryan, so that too had to be detoxed and reevaluated. In three months, I decreased my drinking, and my wife and I were together enjoying the life we had really wanted for all of our married life.”

– Mike C.