To Anyone who has Lost a Child or Experienced Another Significant Loss

A Note from Dr. Bryan

Among traumas, the loss of a beloved child ranks among the most disruptive because of the profound grief it creates. This kind of grief is a very special and significant area of my practice because I share that grief. I, too, have lost a child to death in a snow mobile accident.

So I know the depth of despair. I have felt those feelings of, “I don’t want to get out of bed, I don’t want to participate in life, and I certainly do not want to show up for anything.” These dark moments seem endless and flood you with pain beyond words. Even if you’ve lost something other than a child, I know the grief. I understand and I can feel with you.

But here is something else I know and understand: I can show you how to lift out of your pain. I can teach you how to walk forward, and with a little self-training and self-evaluation, soon you will want to be present for your family and friends again.

I created Rapid Emotional Detox to neutralize my own grief, and I know it will work for you as well. In less than three weeks, you will rise out of your despair. You will breathe a big sigh of relief. You will feel like you found the Magic Bullet. Your life will change. Your eyes will be dry and your feet will take you forward.

I guarantee this success. I guarantee it because I have done it and have shown hundreds of others how to do it too. Request a consultation and follow me into better days.

Testimonial: Putting the Broken Pieces Back Together

Case StudyThey say God brings people into your life for a reason or a season.

Dr. Diane Bryan came into my life for best reason … and that, I believe, was to save me from myself. I was a mess… a broken soul… a hollow shell.

A recurring bout with cancer had begun a series of events that would test my spirit and inner strength like nothing I could ever image. During that same time, an affair had destroyed my marriage of 20 plus years and my remaining parent had died rather suddenly, leaving me to care for a disabled sibling. I lost my house and my car and myself along the way.

I was afraid and numb. The strong woman that I’d always thought myself to be had been reduced to a frightened little girl who didn’t know her way in the world any more.

There were many times that I wanted to self-medicate throughout a multitude of lonely nights. I knew that wasn’t the answer to my healing but I also didn’t know where to turn anymore. Then I met Dr. Bryan. What a compassionate woman and a blessing in my life!

Through her unique protocol of non- talk therapy and use of what she refers to as “thumpers,” (small handheld devises that pulsate from the left to right hand sending balancing impulses to the brain) I learned to let go and to get better!

Dr. Bryan’s therapy took me back to the source of my fear and encouraged me to face it. I learned to let go of my self-doubt, shame and anger and replaced it with confidence, peace and inner strength in the process.

I learned forgiveness. Ironically, it wasn’t toward others as one might think… but for myself. No one had put any labels on me during that challenging time… but I sure had! It was all just me and my own toxic inner dialogue.

Dr. Bryan guided me to see myself as empowered and inspired my limitless possibilities. I found her clinical approach to be direct yet kind, curious yet intuitive. She’s engaging and insightful and has been such a Godsend in my life! She handed me the glue and helped me to put all the broken pieces of my life back together again! For that… and so much more… I will always be grateful!

Thank you Dr. B!
From La Donna Apodaca