23 September


When talk therapy doesn’t work

We’ve all experienced the limits of talk therapy. When months, even years go by, it’s frustrating to see clients make little or no progress. That’s because talk therapy often increases the trauma by forcing the client to relive and rehash traumatic events.

Also, very often, the presenting issue is not the core issue… and the core issue may have occurred prior to the person’s conscious memory. Rapid Emotional Detox is my proven method for healing core issues quickly and permanently.

As a non-talking, drugless Bilateral Stimulation therapy, Rapid Emotional Detox frees people from their nightmares, flashbacks, and general demobilization due to issues related to trauma they have experienced. It is a simple, effective alternative to talk therapy, and can be done over the phone as effectively as it is done in person.

Practitioners of Rapid Emotional Detox are able to generate sustained healing for their clients, quickly, easily, and permanently. Not only are they making a real difference in the lives of their clients, they discover the satisfaction that comes with successfully healing trauma.

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