To Anyone who has Experienced Trauma

A Note from Dr. Bryan

You might think of trauma as something dire and tragic, and believe it creates “awful-ness” that might never go away.

But trauma is not always negative. It can also be happy. Have you ever been absolutely awed by something magnificent? How about the birth of a baby? Or the view from the top of the mountain when you look out at the grandeur? Or watching a service dog guide a disabled child across a busy intersection? What do you say? “I will never forget it!” This is good trauma.

What makes the difference between good trauma and bad, is the emotion you have attached to the vision. It makes an imprint on your mind. If it is happy, you cherish it. If it is sad, it intrudes into your everyday living.

In truth, trauma is not an event, nor is it your story. Trauma is what happens to you and your emotions. To remove pain and hurt, you must do the work. You cannot change the provoking situation, but you can change yourself. All you need to do is detox the negativity that you have stored with the vision. With my Rapid Emotional Detox method, you can do this in less than 21 days.

I created Rapid Emotional Detox to neutralize my own trauma, and I know it will work for you as well. In less than three weeks, negative feelings that have been holding you back or keeping you stuck will simply dissolve away and your life will change.

I guarantee this success. I guarantee it because I have done it and have shown hundreds of others how to do it too. Request a consultation and follow me into a restored life.


“I met Dr. Bryan at a professional event and we ended up having a conversation about difficulty I was having moving forward in my new business. There was an undeniable kindness in her eyes as I shared my story. She offered to work with me using a technique she had success using with 1500 clients to address things we hold in our subconscious mind… those numbers speak volumes, I thought. By the third session, the block was gone. It was truly remarkable.”
Kelly Rehborg, Eleven Fifty Eight Design LLC